Glendale, nestled between Webster Groves and Kirkwood, is home to a serene residential community. St. Louisans settle here for the city's tree-lined streets and a welcoming atmosphere. Residents show civic pride through organizations that never cease in their efforts to improve the municipality and produce positive change within the community. Those living in Glendale have good reason to take pride in their lovely municipality. Citing factors such as the phenomenal education levels, high median household income, and agreeable costs of living, Movoto Real Estate named Glendale the best place to live in Missouri. This simply validated what insiders already knew: Glendale's beauty and communal character mark this city as one of the most desirable in the St. Louis region.

Around the time of the Civil War, this centrally-located community was home to the grand estates and country houses of St. Louis elite. This unincorporated stretch of land, named after a railroad outpost between Webster Groves and Kirkwood, existed as a refuge from St. Louis' metropolis. Glendale's population was small and its commercial center was nonexistent. The area's population slowly but surely increased over time. By 1916, Glendale became incorporated as a fourth-class city in St. Louis County. By 1920, it boasted a population of 749. While the area has steadily developed over the years, it retains a connection to its roots. Main thoroughfare Sappington Road is named after Jon Sappington, a hero in the War of 1812 who built a home and a tannery here in 1815. Streets named after prominent residents of the past reaffirm the identity of Glendale. For many, the municipality remains a suburban refuge committed to comforting and spacious residential developments.

For those seeking detached, residential homes, Glendale is an ideal setting. This spacious suburb is committed to quiet residential development, and has much to offer this type of buyer. This type of suburban home sold for a median price of $359,500 in 2016, a 28% increase from the 2011 median of $280,000. Homes in the area are usually detached and residential, condominiums and villas are uncommon. In prestigious subdivisions such as Berry Woods Park and Willow Oak Lane, lots can be as large as 1.4 acres. Glendale boasts sizable and quality space that cannot be found within St. Louis City. It is no wonder that Glendale is home to quiet, tree-lined streets and large properties with manicured lawns. While residents are now year-round community members, rather than seasonal residents seeking to escape the summer heat, homes have retained the stately character and pristine look of these past country estates. This accessible suburb, just a short commute away from downtown, still resembles the country haven of its past.

Glendale offers a quiet residential community, but this does not mean that commerce and excitement are hard to find. In fact, it is one of the most convenient and well-connected locales in St. Louis County. Glendale is conveniently located along Manchester Road, which provides access to one of the major business corridors of St. Louis County and is home to a large retail and service sector. Fine dining, enviable retail options, and quality services are all just outside of this residential enclave. The Glendale-Kirkwood Aquatic Center houses two towering water slides, a meandering lazy river, and an "aquatic playground" for children. When residents want to beat the heat or take advantage of one of these exhilarating aquatic attractions, the Glendale-Kirkwood Aquatic Center is close at hand.

Glendale is served by the Kirkwood and Webster Groves school districts, both exemplary in their own right. In addition, Glendale houses the Christ Community Lutheran School. This school not only provides its students with a quality education. Through its philanthropic efforts, such as funding a sister school in Uganda, the school ensures that Glendale's welcoming character is known throughout the world.

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