Located 15 miles from downtown St. Louis in southwest St. Louis County, Des Peres is home to expansive properties, well-manicured lawns, and towering, traditional homes. The city, bordering Creve Coeur and Huntleigh, offers a hub of activity along with its beautiful suburban backdrop. Des Peres boasts approximately 540 businesses, including the international headquarters of Edward Jones Investments. St. Louis County residents choose Des Peres because it is a center of opportunity, excitement, and economic activity within a picturesque pocket of St. Louis County.

The current city of Des Peres is built on the site of one of the first settlements west of the Mississippi. In 1701, when Jesuit missionaries ventured approximately 20 miles west of the Mississippi, they named their settlement (and the nearby river) Des Peres, French for "of the fathers." This name remained affixed even after German immigrants began to populate the area. Many of these German immigrants instilled a love of flowers in the town and local greenhouses, such as Eckelmann's, prominently display their German heritage. In 1953, after many businesses had moved to Des Peres in order to escape high St. Louis City taxes, Des Peres was incorporated as a city. Des Peres has retained its favorable business environment. The Kirkwood-Des Peres Chamber of Commerce attracts local business owners and entrepreneurs to a thriving commercial center, and business relocation and attraction is helped by the outstanding quality of life available in Des Peres. Residents still benefit from the city's commitment not to impose real or personal property taxes.

Detached, residential homes in Des Peres sold for a median price of $380,000 in 2016. This represents an 8.6% increase over the last five years when compared with the 2011 median of $330,000. Over 25% of the houses in Des Peres have been constructed since 1980, lending a contemporary air to Des Peres' storied neighborhoods. With relatively high home values, and households having a median income of $117,431 as of the 2010 census, Des Peres stands as one of St. Louis County's most desirable and affluent communities. Subdivisions such as Claychester, Andre Hills, and Harwood Hills are well-known markers of prestige. Homes sit on average lot sizes of .43 acres; houses with an acre of space, or more, are not uncommon. Properties in Des Peres are typified by towering heights and large windows, allowing owners to survey the beautiful, abundant landscapes that surround them. Homes of pristine, shingled fronts and stately brick dot the municipality's winding, tree-lined streets.

Des Peres is home to over 540 businesses and stores, including the wide variety of retail shops available at Des Peres' West County Center. Manchester Road, part of the original "Highway 66", provides access to businesses and service providers along its central corridor. Residents enjoy discounted rates at The Lodge Des Peres. This community center attracts members from all over St. Louis County and is home to both indoor and outdoor pools, as well as playing host to popular summer camps and sports leagues. Events such as the annual "dive in movie" make The Lodge a popular destination for St. Louisans attempting to relax and escape the heat. For those seeking outdoor activities further from the water, Des Peres' over 100 acres of parkland offer attractions for everyone from experienced naturalists to those seeking some fresh air. One of many parks in the city, Des Peres Park consists of 40 acres that include a playground, a running trail, and even a 2-acre lake. Whether drawn to commerce, aquatics, or nature's beauty, Des Peres offers attractions for all.

Students in Des Peres are served by the Kirkwood and Parkway school districts. Kirkwood School Districts host an annual STEM Fest, which makes the district a destination for those seeking to study science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. Parkway schools are decorated as well; 17 Parkway schools have won the U.S. Department of Education Blue Ribbon Award for excellence, and 19 have won the Missouri Gold Star. St. Paul's Lutheran School and St. Clement of Rome Parochial School offer faith-based options for students in Des Peres.

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